Is "Label Print Tool" or "Hifour" related to the Turris?

I got a shipping notice in my email today and I immediately thought it was spam because it had no branding. But with a closer look, I see that it has the same last four digits as my Turris order. Is this the shipping company you’re using?

The tracking code they gave in this email showed up in postnl’s system today, so this seems legit. The email address this was sent to is unique to my Turris order, so I’m guessing it’s probably my router.

I’m disappointed there was no official response on my question, though.

To anyone else expecting a router: your tracking number might show up with these names on it.

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I just noticed your post.

I binned some spam from Label Printing Tool yesterday and today I recognised the name from this post.
Dug the mail up from deleted mail and found my Turris shipping infor and tracking number! :slight_smile:

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