Is it Turris 5.0 ? (for Omnia)

Hello it seems that recent update (of 5.0?) made my router not working ?!

After re-flash with omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz - this does not help ?!

Should I wait first ?! No rush !

  • Are you used four LED re-flash?
  • What is source of medkit file?
  • Which file system is on flash?

We haven’t released any stable release, yet. We released just Turris OS 5.0 as RC version to its branch. It was for a long time in HBK and I haven’t seen any issues that it was not working. You can see it in our documentation Early access - Turris Documentation.

See threads:

Anyway, from your post, I don’t know what does not work. Can you please describe it more like Wi-Fi is not working/LAN is not working? Internet is not working? Some package which you installed does not work?

Yes I used 4 LED re-flash …

medkit file was from here :

flash - usb-stick has FAT32 and medkit file is *.tar.gz

Internet eth0 is not working - it seems that there was building-site yesterday at vodkafone/unitymedia … but this has nothing to do with it.
Normal eth0 - line is working without router.

Which version and branch of TOS you used until flash?

I think it updated normally before up to 4.0 - then it seems that somehow after recent update (at weekend or after recent weekend) - today was update ? - turris omnia seems not to re-boot correctly after plugging in.

You updated TOS from 3 to 4?

Yes - before weekend it was in state of 4.x - I dont recall when the update was - I think that was after October 2019 (?).

Should I use (try) different medkit file (for 5.0-testing?) ?
Where is this file ?

But article above is about update from TOS 3 to 4.

I am asking again for source of medkit file.

At moment these LEDs are on:

LED for Power
LED 0 (zero)
LED for web is on (after LED 4 (is off))

I have repeated re-flash with latest medikit from here:

But it does not work ?! Not sure if vodkafone has to do with it ?

Aaaah … too easy … am sorry. I am getting old.
Solution was to configure at ip adress :

This thread is solved. I have now version 4.0.5
Thank you. And no offense.

Swell. Good to hear.

Yes. Thank you.

Just as idea. - it would be good to add a tab here in homepage for “blogs” of developers of turris … for to announce, when next update will be on which day (we should be online then).

While last update, I did a failure - I did not notice that there was update running - and switched off the router. This way then update was frozen on the router and I then had to re-flash today. Just as idea.

It’s not enough?

Sorry - I have overseen that. I mean only little info is missing, on which day update starts … to know how to prepare oneself.

Again, it’s not enough?

Have again overseen, that date is printed (it is small and pale).
Sorry for my inconvenience, - then this is of course far more than good enough. :slight_smile: