Is it possible to log all the web pages that I visit in Omnia?

Hello all,

I have been trying to log my internet usage and audit. To this end, I need to store al the web pages that go through the router. Are there any plugins that do so?

P.S. I am not very familiar with how routers or turris omnia work so please pardon if the answer is really straightforward.

This one, I think: PaKon - Turris Documentation

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will install Pakon, use it and report back if it was what I needed.

Or you can find the last 500 DNS queries in the AdBlock statistics, which can be installed in the Luci - System - Software section. Here it is not possible to identify from which station the operation was initiated … Pakon is much more detailed

Pakon performs quite a lot of writes and it is necessary to have active reForis - Storage. Otherwise, the internal memory of the router will wear out relatively quickly and it will be necessary to install the system on an mSATA SSD disk using a serial connection.

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Thanks for the heads up! I need to carefully read the doc before I blindly install the package.

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