Is it possible to 'clone' a router or generate a media-restore image from a running Omnia?

Hi there!

I’d like to be able to clone a 1-2-1 copy of my Omina for a friend who’s been struggling. We have HW identical models (including Wifi cards, SSD and Omnia versions) and I wondered if there was a way to generate the equivalent of the omnia-media-latest-full.tar.gz from a configured router?

Not sure if this is possible or even a good idea, but any pointers or advice is welcome!


Manually restored most of the config from a fresh install (4 led restore of latest-media image) then a copy of /etc/config/*. Followed that with manual uci commit’s and all good. I’m sure there is a much better way (snapshots, something obvious I missed?!) but this works too.