IPv6 configuration

Hi, I’m on Omnia and Turris OS hbs. Recently my ISP activated the IPv6 connection and I wanted to try it. It was enough for me to change the credentials in LuCI at the WAN interface on PPPoE. Everything works fine. I then carried out a test on this page https://ipv6-test.com/ and it gives me an error: There is no reverse DNS record to associate your IPv6 address with a host name. Reverse DNS records are required by some Internet protocols and are usually managed at the ISP level.
I don’t know if it can be solved by software. I attach the screenshot.

19/20 is perfectly fine.

PTR records for reverse DNS lookups are common for domain owners, usually when you provide some (mail) server on a public IP address, and thus not common for residential line subscribers.

It can be achieved with a DDNS service and a DDNS client on the router.

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Ok, thank you so much.