Ipset for firewalling

Trawling through the web I find that “opkg install ipset” should give me the ipset command, but by default it doesn’t look like the package is available.

“opkg search ipset” doesn’t yield anything.
I expected to have both kernel modules an iptables modules listed here.
Is this because I don’t have the right repositories configured or has ipsets been intentionally left out (This would IMO be a bad decision).

Use opkg find. opkg search tries to find a file. opkg search /bin/sh will show /bin/sh belongs to busybox.

opkg find "kmod*ipset*" shows there is kmod-ipt-ipset available.
opkg find "ipset*" shows ipset and ipset-dns available.

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Thank you for your swift response, and sorry for wasting your time with my inability to read --help messages, somehow in my hurry I had dropped a line down on the separating whitespace, and the argument made sense, so I never revisited… Just shows don’t read in a hurry and expect to get it right :wink: