iPad not able to connect to internet over wifi!?

A debian laptop and android tablets connect without any problems but g1 and g4 ipads wont?

What can be the explanation for that? - I have tried both 2.4 and 5 ghz bands but it didnt make and difference!

The ipads do actually connect to the router, but they dont get any internet connection!

What can I do - My wife is not at all satisfied with this new router thing! (o:

i also have a g4 ipad but a wifi-less Omnia used as Internet gateway and my wife (they seem to have a thing for ipads :wink: ) has no issues with internet connection.
I admit that my setup is somehow different as I have a WITI (mediatek-ralink wifi) as AP.

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My theory about the iPad connection problem is actually that the WAN/LTE isnt setup right on my omniaturris. And iOS might, in some way, be more picky with the internet connection.

Somebody else have been complaining about the documentation. Im not complaining, but I could really use some visual explanation about how the wan settings are connected to the LTE setup, or not!! (o:

This is one of the best crowdsourcing products I have invested in, and I really look forward to making it work as expected! (o:

(Assuming your iPads can connect to the access point)

Post screenshots from your iPads showing the screen you can find at

  1. iPad Home Screen
  2. Settings
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. (i) “Info” next to the connected Wi-Fi

PS: It’s Turris Omnia, not omniaturris. And there are no iPads called “g1” and “g4”; check here for correctly identifying your iPads:

This is more of a question for Apple than for CZ.NIC. I had problems connecting Apple devices to Ubiquity APs in the past.

Try to reset the network settings on the iPad, that often helps.
Settings > General > Reset (at bottom) then > Reset Network Settings. Helps with many iOS network issues. Also, I read the Apple device don’t like high channels on the 5GHZ band, try to stick with 30’s and 40’s and see if you can get the connection working, then experiment with others. I have a few iOS phones and pad connected w/o problems.

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