iPad iPhone problem

Having installed Turris Omnia 2G router it appears there is some compatibility problem with Apple iPad and iPhone… Router performance works great on my regular HP desktop but on iPad and iPhone most bookmarked sites give an error message not being connected to internet. Some sites are missing graphics… I utilize an iPhone 6s with IOS 11.3.1 and iPad Pro also IOS 11.3.1 and Safari browser. I cannot actually log into the router with iPad or iPhone, says not connected to internet.

So, what do I need or what did I screw up?

What error code/error message you are getting while trying some bookmarked URLs?
NoInternet issue is usually related to “dns” . It can be on server and/or client side. so it is hard blindly guess what might be wrong and where.

First check “ifconfig” and what DNS is used on client side (are the HP and Apple devices using same gate and dns ?). Once you know what is your primary dns try “nslookup” using your router as resolver and same against some public dns ( nslookup some.domain.com vs nslookup some.domain.com )

Also if you are using “dnssec” configuration (you can check it/test it in Foris , sometimes you might get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN message for some urls. Which is not problem on your side, but more-like on domain owner side. (i am having problem with it when accessing subdomains)

Thank you for your response… Both HP and Apple devices utilize the same gateway…

However, I’ve solved the problem simply by resetting the router to factory (3rd led) default (and beginning the installation process again. All now seems to be in order… So, I must have type’od something simple in the initial setup.

However, while the Turris Omnia was acting abnormally a network scan revealed rather strange IP assignments for devices on the network that seemed outside the range of assignable address; 169.254.xxx.xxx and even the router itself was even though it’s LAN setting was…and netmask So, how could this come about…?

After factory reset router has static IP. You have to setup it again from some device directly connected to router (and router should be disconnected from your modem/isp router-modem device). Ensure that you have same IP/Mask range on router and admin-device you are using for configuration. Once you setup the DHCP,LAN,WAN,WIFI stuff in Foris/Luci again you can plug it back to your network.