Invitation to 'Večer s Turrisem'

Hello everybody,

we would like to invite all of you based in Prague and nearby to a meeting with the developers and other people involved in the Turris Omnia called ‘Večer s Turrisem’. At first we will share with you some news regarding the project and then we will continue with more technical talk about Turris Omnia from a geek’s point of view and a discussion after then.

The meeting will take place on April 11th at CZ.NIC, Milešovská 5, Prague.

More info and registration: [czech only, limited capacity]

I can see 7 clicks on hyperlink, but I can"t find this event on CZ.NIC Akademie web page. Is it still possible to make a registration or am I late?

You need to use the link I sent in the first message. As this is a non-standard ‘course’ it’s not listed on the CZ.NIC Akademie web page.

Yes, I used that link, but the course capacity has been reached. Therefore it is not possible to attend this “course” anymore :frowning:

Bude třeba na youtube video z akce?


Dobrý den, plánujeme to.