Internet radio stutters when running a speedtest


i do have a 120/6 Cable ISP. Before Turris Omnia a had a Fritzbox as Router.

Now I use the Omina router. When I run a speed test, my internet radio (Winamp) stutters. This was not the case with the Fritzbox. Do I have to activate a QoS in the Omnia, which is active by default in the Fritzbox?


Yes. It is not on by default. There are many posts on setting up QoS, but I ended up following this one:


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Previously I had a QoS setting in the menu Luci, now I did not find them? Am I blind or has something changed in the default install Omnia? Which items do I need to install?

I think you have to install the QoS software first.

I’ve installed kmod-sched-cake and luci-app-sqm. The luci-app-sqm is the QoS interface. Whichever QoS you decide to install, you’ll want the corresponding luci-app package that goes with it.

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Thanks ! Previously, nothing was needed to install …

I’m curious … why do you want to listen to web radio while running a speed test ?

All speed tests I know tell you to stop all services creating traffic (web radio, bit torrent, netflix, …) before running the speed test, otherwiese the results will be inaccurate.

You have broken internet connection. 5mbps upload is not enough for ack packets for only downloading. It can be enougth may be for 20, max 30 mbps download, not more. When you start uploading something (and speedtest also try upload) it’s not possible to use any service on internet fluently. I am worry qos don’t really help you. May be strict limits for upload, but it will be hard to manage it correctly. Previously I had vdsl with 10:1 ratio and it was terrible.