Internet access to local stuff


i am behind double NAT without public IP. I am looking for a way how to acess content on my home network remotely.

I have investigates several options, would like to know if someone has experience with some of the options:

  1. ngrok - agent running localy can expose port on internal network to internet url, aceess can be secured with identity provider like google , free tier for webapps

  2. cloudflare - similar, configurable tunnel with zerotrust setup, more complex setup

  3. vpn server in aws and connected to local network at home

  4. syncthing - peer to peer data sharing with access rights and opensource code, however not suitable for selectively syncing content

  5. resilio - peer to peer data sharing based on torrents, not open

This is a popular topic over in r/selfhosted on reddit.

The consensus there is to use cloudflare tunnels for situations like this.

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