Internal SSD mounted at /srv doesn't mount after latest OS update

I’m helping a friend with his Omnia (with the latest OS 5).

He has an internal SSD that was mounted to /srv, but after the latest OS upgrade, the device won’t mount properly.

The current state:

To remedy the situation, I removed the enabled setting for the device (UUID 368f53af-c358-406a-bedd-f3651b526ee8), rebooted, then re-enabled the mount. This was successful.

To ensure that this state persisted, I rebooted the router. Unfortunately, the mount points reverted to the original state (pictured).

What do I need to do to fix this?


I don’t know myself, but there have been many similarly looking posts around 5.3.0 release, e.g. mSATA users, did the 5.3.0 update break anything?

Thanks for your help.

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