"Internal server error" on HAAS login page

I’m unable to login (for about last 2 weeks) to HAAS “My Honeypot” page - https://haas.nic.cz/devices/:

Internal server error

We are sorry but something went wrong. We logged it and will look into it.

The same problem under Chrome, Firefox and IE.
I tried to send message to haas@nic.cz, but no reaction.

Is it related only to my account, or anybody else has the same problem?


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I’ve just checked it and it works for me.

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Any idea what can be wrong for my account?

I had the same error I can confirm that.
But I just thought that haas is dead in place of Sentinel

Edit: But it seems now that haas-proxy is separatr from sentinel

Yes, I have the same problem. Firefox and Edge. I wrote to haas@nic.cz today , so I’ll see what they write back. I have 100% correct access data. I’ve also tried password reset, but that doesn’t work either - no email comes through.

On Reset page is message:
If you use a project Turris account then you can’t reset password here. Please do it on the project Turris website.

I tried to register again (with the same e-mail as in Project Turris website), but I received error “Haas user with this Email address already exists.”.

Ignore it, password reset works there.

I think this could be somehow related to that project.turris.cz is no longer working, as we terminated uCollect service, which was responsible for old our data collection system as Turris Sentinel superseded it. Accounts were shared with the Honeypot as a Service. Colleagues will check this and let you know about the progress.


hi there…is it maybe an option to move HaaS into sentinel? So make it all one application?

We are currently considering to convert HaaS into an on-device SSH honeypot which would be an integral part of the Sentinel solution. The HaaS project itself (as a scientific project backed by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic) has already finished and further existence of the current HaaS infrastructure has only little sense.


hmm, ok. Makes prefect sence to put it in Sentinel. So basically i can switch it off since the data is not used anymore?

Data from HaaS is used in Sentinel (and contributes to scores of IP addresses to be blocked by the dynamic firewall). The main problem is that it is necessary to register to the HaaS separately (to get a token for your device) - it is needlessly complicated.

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I still don’t know the answer if HAAS will ever be functional again :frowning: .
Sentinel good, works. However, in HAAS I liked the IP statistics, commands, countries, access data…
Additionally, there is news on the HAAS page, I would consider it at least polite to announce some changes in the approach to HAAS and the possible move to SENTINEL.

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