Internal Flash memory is filled up?

Hi Guys,

Suddenly my internal flash memory of 8gb is completely filled up. I have 1% left.
Last time I checked it was still 90% free, I haven’t changed anything at all on the router.

How would I be able to check what is clogging up everything?
Rebooting didn’t change anything.

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First, you can connect in SSH to your Turris Omnia and type cd / then du -hd 1 in order to see which folder use a lot of space.

This is the result, what do you make of it?
the /temp folder is probably my externally connected drive being:
3.20 TB / 3.58 TB
6% (201.45 GB)

Can the /mnt folder be the problem?

root@turris:~# cd /
root@turris:/# du -hd 1
0 ./sys
0 ./overlay
2.4M ./boot
1.5M ./bin
0 ./srv
320.0K ./www
4.0K ./rom
4.1M ./sbin
200.2G ./tmp
4.0K ./dev
118.3M ./usr
0 ./proc
10.7M ./lib
6.4G ./mnt
12.0K ./root
4.6M ./etc
8.0K ./run
206.7G .

It can be BTRFS snapshots. Try to use script from this thread BTRFS / Schnapps: How big are my snapshots? - #6 by hawwwran - SW help - Turris forum and post result there. Please note that the results are not correct after first run (when WARNING message will appear.)

It’s definitely in /tmp you can do the same command du -hd 1 in /tmp to see which folder use a lot of space in your tmp.

du -h means human reading
du -d N means how deep you scan

Once you know which folder use a lot of space I think you will be able to determine the source/application/service.

It’s definitely not in /tmp, he also wrote that he has mounted there HDD…

I think that you have filled flash with combination of /mnt and snapshots. Probably clean /mnt and remove some old snapshots. I hope that will help.

Also be aware that if you remove some big files and those files are in snapshot, they don’t really disappear from flash/drive, you also have to remove snapshot they are in to free space.

@cynerd then the system made the snapshots itself?
I certainly didn’t create them manually.

How do I clean /mnt and remove the snapshots?


schnapps delete NUMBER
where the number is the ID in first column of result.

Yes. Schnapps creates snapshots automatically in two cases. On time base and before update. What snapshot you have to remove depends on when /mnt directory become so big.

In default /mnt is empty, no program in default writes to it as far as I know. See what’s inside, but most probably there will be some of you files, or files from programs you configured. So look what is in there and clean means remove those files.

Indeed guys, you are all right. It’s fixed.

Ran the schnappi script
Had about 10 snapshots (a few cron and preupdate ones)

My /mnt folder had 4 folders (sda1,sda2,sdb1,sdb2)
Deleted them and then deleted the 10 snapshots

I only left the snapshot factory off course.

Fixed now, 92% internal memory left.

Many thanks!! A little bit more knowledge about Linux again :slight_smile: