Interfaces, routing and other question regarding organization

Hello TO team,
I would like to say this is nice project and I am interested in, but also have some question regarding your product, team, organization and billing.

How many phy interfaces your router has?

  • I found that I can use WAN interface or SFP but not both at the same time in contrary Jan C.
    Can you clarify please.
  • How many local network with DHCP i can have (let`s say may I have LAN1 connected to port 1-3 on LAN2 port4 and LAN3 port5 wired WAN on WAN interface/maybe dual wan with SFP - GBIC/; or LAN3 on SFP) - do not want to use VLAN; need tagged VLAN on LAN1 and LAN2


  • may I have ospf or rip on LAN side?

Can you also specify if those features are accessible only through linux command line or easy to setup (no experience with openwrt and linux) .


  • do you send me invoice with unit price VAT and shipping If I will support your campaign (is it possible to specify billing info after campaign)

Team organization and product

  • based on your legal form I can see none of your team is member of board of CZ.nic or do you have mandate from CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o. for this campaign and all commitment arise from that campaign;
    is it just one purpose step, (as you have already built router) or do you plan design and build other devices (yes is easy to say, please be honest) and what is your plan for production of this router after the campaign.

Thank you for your response

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Please have a look at slide number 6 here:

The WAN RJ-45 port and SFP are mutually exclusive, both are connected to one dedicated link to the SoC. Remaining two ethernet ports of the SoC are wired to the switch chip to which the LAN ports are connected.

You can set up as many local networks as you wish. The switch chip, as well as OpenWRT, supports VLANs so you can put every LAN port to a separate VLAN and trunk the traffic via some link to the SoC.