Interconnect TO with Netgear NAS

Hi, I would like have a transmission on TO, configuration is easy for me (with help of this forum :slight_smile:), but I need help with setting up download directory outer TO, in my NAS system (Netgear RN102). I read several forums (WRT, this forum, etc…), but I don’t have a luck to make this working. I have full access to my TO (SSH, LuCi).



No one can help with this?

i’m not sure if this could benefit you even a bit…

I am using Deluge in a Ubuntu container on the Omnia, but all local to a mSATA disk.

thank, but i don’t want to use LXC, finally is not necessary to view files from omnia, bud transmission must be able store file outside omnia.

No you understood me wrong :).

What i said are two different things, i am my self using Deluge in a Ubuntu container, so not really that familiar with transmission…

And i gave you a url that MAY help you with your problem of having transmission get a networkshare to download to :smile:

oh so, ok, then thanks :slight_smile: i will try it

Do keep in mind that openWRT and Ubuntu are totally different, so for example .gvfs isn’t available as option to use.