Installing vim-fuller breaks automatic updates

I’ve installed vim-fuller manually not long ago to have syntax highlighting, which the default vim-full package lacks. But both packages contain /usr/share/vim/vimrc, which causes a dependency conflict. So I had to remove vim-full first.

Unfortunately this breaks the automatic updater, which want to reinstall vim-full, but cannot do that for the very same reason.

Feb 19 22:10:04 omnia updater[26942]: src/pkgupdate/main.c:202 (main):
[string "transaction"]:327: [string "transaction"]:151: Collisions:
• /usr/share/vim/vimrc: vim-full (new-file), vim-fuller (existing-file)
• /usr/bin/vim: vim-full (new-file), vim-fuller (existing-file)

So currently either we can have automatic updates, or syntax highlighting in ViM, but not both.

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Hey yo, thanks for reporting. This needs to be addressed in the OpenWrt packages repository, where the package vim comes from. I will fix it there, and it is going to be part of the upcoming version of Turris OS - 5.3.7. :slight_smile:

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