Independent benchmarks and reviews of Turris Omnia

Will there be a device you would send to the media to benchmark, test, review? I imagine at least Anandtechs [at]ganeshts, Phoronix [at]michaellarabel or Adrain Chadd [at]erikarn associated with making routers run FreeBSD would be very interested to get their hands on such a device.
There are probably many more professionals from news and software/ hardware projects, who would like to access a device. This could also boost the public image of the Turris Omnia project and spread the word about the problems of todays routers. That is the main cause of the project, to make routers in general better by good example if I am not mistaken.

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Improving security situation among routers is one of our targets. We plan to offer few devices to media but we need to finish the software at first.