I won't be backing the Turris MOX unless upstream OpenWrt support is present pre-shipping


Just wanted to say that the upstream OpenWrt support fiasco with the Turris Omnia has discouraged me from backing any other Turris products unless upstream OpenWrt support for them is present beforehand.


MOX will be based on Turris OS 4.0 that is designed as a patchset for upstream OpenWRT (18.5). I can’t promise you that upstream will have MOX support on ship time as it depends on them if they want to accept our patches not completely on us. But anyone can take those patches and apply them.
In general with Turris 4.0 we can’t promise time frame. But in the end it should be as easy as taking OpenWRT repository and if all patches are not yet upstreamed then just patching it. There will be no OpenWRT fork with 4.0.
Also because we have some agreements with some developers from mainstream distributions to also support MOX there will be most probably also support for other systems other then OpenWRT. Also that should also probably mean upstream for kernel and u-boot.

Edit: Repository previously appended is set as private atm. That is why it’s dead link for you. I will ask my colleagues if we couldn’t make it public already.


Are you sure the repository you posted is correct? The link in your post is dead…

if you’re wondering about upstream support for Turris Mox then we’re working hard to make it happen.
Right now you can check the latest patches for U-boot, which adds Mox support and now it’s waiting for review on their mailing list.

And the initial kernel version of the Turris Mox will be 4.14 LTS. :slight_smile:

//EDIT 17.5:
First it was accepted and applied to u-boot-marvell/master!
and same for u-boot/master

Are there any news on upstream OpenWRT MOX support?