I wish to buy turris router + turris smrt modem

  1. When can i expect turris smrt modem to be on sale ?

  2. Can i order 2GB Turris router pre-installed with mail server software ?


There is no plan to start selling SMRT, on some conferences, they said that they found SFP DSL modem so they’re planning to test it and then recommend it instead of SMRT.

I think Omnia will be shipped only with clean OS, but it isn’t anything hard to use Google, find some tutorial and install mail server. It also depends on your requirements - do you want only SMTP, only IMAP or both? Try entering “openwrt mail server” to Google, you should find something. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response


Or you can use LXC and deploy normal Linux distribution like openSUSE, Gentoo, ArchLinux, Debian, … and use mail server from there which might be more feature complete and easier to find tutorial for.


Excuse my ignorance, What is this LXC ?


LXC is Linux Container. It allows you to virtualize the system. You can run multiple Linux systems on top of Turris’ OS. More at LXC - Wikipedia

It’s basically running an OS (sandboxed) within your OS, but without the hardware virtualisation (such as VMware Virtual-box).

Pre: each container is VERY light wieght (only consuming the resources it actually uses).

Contra: Crashing your kernel (the low-level core of your computer/omnia) from within a container means the whole Omnia/all other containers to “crash” along with it (as they all share that core), aht is not the case when hardware is virtualised (as there it can not - normally - crash the core of the mother OS).

There’s lots of info online. The wikipedia link that @white posted is a good starting point.

P.S. Docker (which you have read something about online too, is build on top of LXC technology - but with a more specific application; namely running an application+its dependencies within a container).