I picked channel 136, connections are on channel 36

Hi there,

I am setting up my Omnia.
I am excited to see I can use channels that are not commonly used by my neighbours.

I may have fully misunderstood how that works.
I set the Omni up to use channel 136, my computer connects at channel 36?
That seemed odd.
It works, so that is good.

Can anyone FYI what I am missing?

You chose a channel to which DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) is enforced by international law. Routers that should communicate on these channels have first to listen if there isn’t some stronger broadcaster (which might even be a cellular operator), and if there is, they automatically switch to a different channel. There’s no way to avoid this without breaking law.

More info e.g. here: https://netbeez.net/blog/dfs-channels-wifi/ . There’s also a list of channels that are not affected by DFS.

Do you know anything about DFS … dynamic frequency selection?

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