I cant configure LTE in my Turris Omnia RTROMO1

Hi everyone,

I am trying to configure my device Turris Omnia RTROMO1 to Internet via my SIM Card (LTE). Following this tutorial: Installation of LTE modem into Turris Omnia router [Turris wiki] I can’t configure LTE in my Turris Omnia model RTROMO1. The option Network–> Interfaces → Add new Interface doesn’t exist. How can I configure my Sim Card to the Internet?, any clue?

From the docs you linked:

After logging into LuCI start to configure the LTE dongle.

→ You need to set it up in LuCI, not Foris :wink:

EDIT: In case you don’t already know: Foris is the simple Web Interface developed by Turris while LuCI is the stock Web Interface that comes with OpenWRT. They both rely on UCI (stock OpenWRT configuration framework) but LuCI allows more configuration options compared to Foris which focuses more on easy administrative tasks and special services that only exist on Turris devices (e.g. Updater and Pakon). See Turris and OpenWRT docs for more details… :slight_smile: