I am selling a blue Omnia Turris Router 2 GB RAM

Hi guys,

I am selling a blue Omnia Turris router, 2GB RAM, has seen very little use, simply not for me.
Sold another one in black in April also here in this forum.
Have additional Samsung MSATA 860 and Pi-hole was running for very short time, thanks to people like Tom Brossmann ( thanks to God there are people like him otherwise I would never get it running).
Also, take in account I´m not covering your Paypal fees.
It will be sent asap so don´t worry about that. Have a very reputable feedback from Ebay too for last 15 years if you need something more about me.
Here are pics:


Located in Austria.
190 Euros plus delivery for router and Paypal fees, eventually additional Samsung MSATA for 40 Euros.

thanks for your interest and have a nice day,

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