HW switch for wifi on/off (or even more HW switches)


I was watching whole campaign of Turris and was looking forward for day when I move to new house and will base home networking based on this amazing device.

However… That happened recently, and when I hold it in hands I realized missing wifi on/off hw switch. Little bit of duckducking, and I found some creepy solutions :slight_smile: (best on this forum) Well the SW way is obvious, but it is quite hard to turn it on when wifi is off…

So the question is - is there plan to include similar button to future versions of Turris?

If so, when this is planned? If not, why?

Thank you for awesome device, but the missing HW switch for wifi is stop-show for me :cry:

It’s not good to create similar topic. We have atleast 2 threads about it.

Yup. I’m aware. And I read that. Still the question is, if it will be fixed in new (if any) version or not. And if not, why.
Feel free to reply it in original threads as you feel correct and clsoe this one (possibly with link with answer?)