HTTPS certificate Turris and his accepting as safe in web browsers


How import Turris certificate in to web browser ? My main browser (Opera) in last version don`t accept (denny) access to Luci and Foris on an external IP address without the possibility of overcoming this step. Chrome browser warns, but it has a choice where the site can be loaded.

Do I need to declare a Turris certificate as safe in my browser or import it? How do I proceed?


I think you have to use “certmgr.msc” on windows or “certutil” on linux once you have it exported from browser.


After Importing the root certificate "Turris.cer " from the unavailable web page and importing it between Trusted root certificates, the browser is already able to access the numerical domain.


You only need to reconcile the warning that the certificate name Does not match the number domain and continue to the Web page