HOWTO: Internet connection check LED


if you want to check your actual internet connection, i made a little script (or something… i am a Linux noob)
you can simply modify actual LED or color

Because my router is far away from me, i prefer different led colors for status identification
pwr-green (sure, not needed :smiley: )
0-4-yellow for lans
wan-not yet used, i have LTE
PCI1-purple for LTE
PCI2-cyan for 5G wifi
PCI3-not used yet (there is an internal SSD instead of 2.4G wifi)
A-internet availability check BLUE/RED
B-red-internal usb3 HDD connection/activity monitor

Just follow those screenshots


thank you, the script works fine for a week now.
The only modification i made was that i put it on usr2 led (B on the front panel)

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