Howto install and configure a simple webserver in docker? (newbie question)

I want to run a simple isolated web server with static web pages on TOS 6.3.

My assumption is that I have to install:

  • docker
  • dockerd (do I need it really?)
  • slim distribution Alpine Linux docker image with Nginx (any other webserver?)
  • configure network firewall settings to enable external access
  • secure my docker instance so that it cannot communicate on my LAN

Can you point me to some resources and/or provide configuration help/hints?
I know this is a newbie question, your support would be very much appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

OFFTOPIC: This topic should be merged into Docker on TOS 6.1 - allow access to service running in a container from internet - #6 by jjcale as it’s basically the same question