How was the #TurrisHack17?

Dear Turris users,
as you know, we hosted the first Turris hackathon some time ago. If you want to know how it was, you can read our blogpost about it!

In English

In Czech

Enjoy the reading and see you on the next hackathon!


Can I ask you … it will be soon available … what does it mean? :slight_smile:

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It will be in v3.8. We wanted to have it deployed already but we found some bugs…and we are fighting with vacation times, every dev needs it sometimes and we have a small team. So it looks that it will be out around 20th August. It is not a promise, just an estimate.

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OK … you probably speak about new version of TurrisOS.
I spoke about videos on Youtube. :slight_smile:

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Sorry. We are pushing it. Looking for a reliable person who will make the cutting and subtitles…

Is it a few students in the world? Nowadays … when the holiday are taking?

Yes, plenty of them :slight_smile: Do you have the one that’s reliable? :slight_smile:

Why me …? :slight_smile:

In the end, we realized that it is too hard and expensive to make reliable subtitles, we will make an English video in foreseeable future :slight_smile: