How to test RC branches

I’m trying to configure updates to update not from stable versions but from RC version.

I followed How to test Turris OS branches and releases guide and I’ve updated


to RC versions in this way:

cat /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
src/gz omnia_base
src/gz omnia_hardware
src/gz omnia_lucics
src/gz omnia_management
src/gz omnia_openwisp
src/gz omnia_packages
src/gz omnia_php
src/gz omnia_printing
src/gz omnia_routing
src/gz omnia_telephony
src/gz omnia_turrispackages

After a few days I have mention it has been reverted from RC (… omnia-rc …) back to the stable version ( … omnia …).


The same for me! :slight_smile:

Because we bumped opkg version so all users will receive new feeds with new php and hw packages and because RC is binary identical it contains package feeds for deploy. We pushed a little fix, that should keep now in sync with whatever branch you have set - documentation will be updated.

Here it is. Although I would say that it might not tell you much.