How to stop Apple devices from getting incremental numbers on their names?

All my Apple devices seem to get incremental numbers after their names.

e.g. iPhone (4), MacBook (127), etc. (They all have unique names, I just used the product names here as an example).

I read around and there seems to be some indication that it’s related to DHCP, though I’m not entirely sure how. Even though it’s most likely a client-side issue (on the devices), apparently not all routers will trigger this behaviour.

Does anyone know of a way to avoid this?

Probably related to MAC randomization.

You can turn that off on the device for known/trusted networks.

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It’s already off on all devices. :expressionless:

I think this can be solved by giving out a static lease for affected devices MAC address and by disabling MAC randomization (for the home network)…

Cheers, like I said above MAC randomisation is already off.

Static leases do seem to help as a workaround which probably means something in DHCP is causing the problem to begin with.