How to save MOX router setup on pc?

Hi World!

As i am a new user and this is my first posting here i will first introduce myself and then come up with my questions.

I am german and my name is obviously not forenuser. I have some experiences with setting up ordinary customer routers from AVM, D-Link, Linksys or TP-Link. However, apart from flashing some routers with DD-WRT and using the GUI to set it up, i have no experinces with any WRT OS branches.

Well, thats it about me and now for my questions: Under TurrisOS 5.1.10 where do i find the option for saving the router setup on my local computer in reForis or LuCi?

Unter TurrisOS 4.0.1-beta i found the options in Foris and LuCi but now i found it just in Foris. But does this store all settings made in reForis or LuCi correctly? Given the problems that Foris has with at least displaying settings made with LuCi correctly i doubt that.

So what do i miss (hopefully no posting on this topic)?

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  • Turris MOX with TurrisOS 5.1.10 / LuCi branch git 21.062.76689
  • W10 with Mozilla Firefox 88.0.1 and Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.56

I’m not sure if I understand the question …

Youre IP is maybe

The second similar option (which I sometimes use) is to export a disk image created with schnapps and download it to a PC

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!
You got my question quite right and the screen shot shows the way to save the router configuration using Foris (in both TurrisOS 4 and 5). And that option is missing in the TurrisOS 5 installation of LuCi but was avaiable in TurrisOS 4. I do not know if it was avaiable in reForis anyway.
A complete Schnapps (Cheers) image seems a bit over the top here.

I am TOS 5.1.10 HBS

schnapps ?? 80 Mb but it’s a certainty

I backed up saved configuration from several years, but never used it for recovery. schnapps innumerable times