How to get local hosts resolved on the Turris?

I’ve had my Turris since just before last Christmas and did get it setup to fulfil my needs, but some of the latest updates totally ruined my setup.

My Turris works fine from outside - I get my traffic routed to the correct servers based on firewall policy.

The Turris is the DHCP for my local networks (DMZ, LAN and APP), but some nodes are running with fixed IP-addresses.

I’ve put the local host names into the /etc/hosts file and that worked for a period, but that don’t work any more.

I’ve read through the manual and searched the forums, where I find some with similar problems but no usable solution - that is some solution that is clear, understandable and straight forward to implement. I’m a software engineer, but I do not work with setting up DNS servers on a daily basis.

How on earth do I configure local host names with attached IP-addresses, preferably from the web-interface, but if need-be I may dive into some configuration files. I want any host on my local networks to be able to resolve to the IP-address based on a host name, e.g. points to so for instance my phones email app will be able to resolve both when attached to the local Wifi and get the local IP address and when I’m outside on the internet it of course get the public IP-address.

This approach should work reliably: How to access lan ressources from guest network

Can confirm @vcunat’s linked solution to be working great!

Thanks a 10^6 :slight_smile:

It worked! But why is it hidden deep down a thread and not put into some how-to or similar?

Another question is for how long would this fix work - the previous fix I found lasted 7-8 months.

Not that I’m unhappy with the Turris Omnia, on the contrary it is almost all other matters a perfect little firewall/router.

Well, it’s a custom need. You’re welcome to put it into community documentation :slight_smile:
And to prevent/undo not wanted changes you have update approvals (will be working from 3.8.4 onwards) and you have the community.
If the devs ever break that we will find a new solution :wink:

added now

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