How to force USB 3 device to use mass-storage driver using quirks?

Hello everyone,

I would like to install the NextCloud collaboration platform on my MOX A+F (TOS 4.0.1).

To make use of old 2.5" rotational disks I have around, I bought 4x USB 3.0 Axagon EE25-XA6 enclosures and connected them to the module F. Power adaptor is connected to the module F instead of A.

Unfortunately, this did not worked as expected. MOX is unable to start when the drives are connected (red LED stays ON). The Storage tab in Foris is giving timeouts when the drives are connected after a successful boot.

Further tests revealed, that the disks are working fine when connected to the USB port of module A which is having USB 2.0 port.

Based on this I have checked how is the system handling the Axagon cases when connected to the USB 3.0 port of module F:

Bus 003 Device 007:ID 174c:1153 ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1153 SATA 3Gb/s bridge.

lsusb -t
/: Bus03.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci-hcd/4p, 5000M
|_Port 1: Dev 7, If 0, Class=Mass Storage, Driver=uas, 5000M

Googling revealed that some people were facing similar issue in the past and it helped to use mass-storage driver instead of the uas driver.

The OpenWrt forum have a post describing how to force usage of mass-storage driver on a USB 3 port:

I have followed the instructions and added following line in to the /etc/modules.d/usb-storage file:


This did not worked as the Axagon HDD enclosure is still being mounted using the uas driver.

Question: Can somebody advise me how to make the usb-storage quirks work on my MOX?

Alternative solution is to use USB 2.0 cable and connect it to USB 3 port in module F (uas driver is still used though). This gives low transfer speed compared to connecting the HDD enclosure with USB 3 cable to USB 2 port in module A (mass-storage driver is used).