How to easily give turris a DNS name?


today I did perform factory reset. Previously I had many changes through LuCI and config files but this time I would like to stick with Fortis as much as possible. I had to disable DNSSEC because it was delaying my web browsing experience (simply did not work). And of course IPv6 as my ISP does not provide that yet. Other than that looks good.

What works fine is resolving DHCP client names via DNS. However I would like to give Turris router a name as well. Can I do it without entering LuCI or editing config files?



The picture should explain it. Only the entry DHCP hostname!!

Hello and thanks for reply.

I assume this is advertised DHCP client hostname. That’s not what I am asking for, that’s a name my ISP would see. What I want is to have this name “turris” to work on my home DNS. I can confirm that it does not work that way in this case, at least not for me (I also have “Turris” there yet this name does not resolve for me).

The local name resolution works fine for me!

Maybe missing under DHCP DNS

Hmm not for me, clean reset in the morning. I changed the domain to “home.lan” tho.

Do you mean - I require you to set up hostname that will see your internet provider in youre lan ?

I’d say you can hardly interfere with his “lan network”

No, I want (my turris) to be a A record in authoritative DNS server for “home.lan” domain. It does it for all DHCP clients on the network if you enable it.

I think if autoritative DNS server not record name for youre LAN. This is possible for an external IP,. Or is wrong and I am wrong ?

This certainly works and it isn’t too complicated, but I’d certainly not call it nice. Adding static records in luci might also work – I can’t remember clearly.

Reference Cannot resolve hostname turris itself

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