How to create a LAN Guest network (isolated from other computers) >> maybe use VLANns?

I am an happy owner of a Turris Omnia.

At the moment I am already using the Wifi Guest functionality, which allows me to create 2 different WiFi APs.
Where one is used by local users and one is used by guests and is fully isolated from the internal users LAN.

However I am struggling understand how could I setup the same type of isolation (i.e. GUEST LAN) but for ethernet-connected guests.

Anyone can point me to some good tutorial?>
Thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:

Try this one!

and you should add
6, in the Network -> Interfaces -> guest -> DHCP server -> Advanced settings ->DHCP options

Have Fun!


Did you tried add physical interface to the GUEST network? ( I didn’t but that would be my first guess - but IMHO VLAN is better solution)

Both suggestions look legit!
Thanks guys!

As soon as I start its deployment, I will keep u up to date! :+1::crossed_fingers:

At the end, I just moved the eth2 to the GUEST_TURRIS .
Thus I can use the LAN4 port as guest port :+1:

Just for curiosity - have you also tried to “reach” your local network while connected to GUEST via LAN4 to see if its blocked?

Yes I did.
Completely isolated.
Practically I just added the eth2 NIC to the existing configs of Wifi Guest that Turris creates if enabled from webUI.

great, good to know. I’m not sure how it works but you could probably mark either your or other answer as solution for this thread

(maybe also explain few more words and add printscreen from LUCI maybe? for other user who will search for similar solution in the future)

  1. Enable Guest Wifi through webUI

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  1. Add Eth2 to Guest_TURRIS and remove Eth2 from LAN Interfaces group. You are done.

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