How to change the DNS for my LAN clients?

My network has a LAN DNS already in my outermost router.

My turris is a sort of intranet behind the DMZ and the outside router.

I have dns forwarding enabled in the turris but any local domain that my outside router is supposed to resolve fails. Only external names work. Unless I query the outside router directly from my turris intranet.

So my laptop is hard set to use both turris and my outside router for DNS to resolve my DMZ servers.

But my tablet and phone cannot do that easily. Not without changing to static IP.

So how can I change the DNS turris sends to my LAN clients with DHCP? Because the turris forwarder is not working as expected.

Address of DNS server is in option 6 of DHCP.


The usual “forwarding” is meant only for the global DNS data, as by default it e.g. does DNSSEC validation (which will probably fail on any custom data) and blocks some ranges. DNS server in Omnia is flexible, but you probably don’t need yet another one in your network anyway… therefore Skippi’s answer.