How to allow access to NAS behind Turris?

I have Synology server behind Turris router and I want to make it accessible from internet (e.g. for notes storing)
I set up Synology server (not Turris) to use DDNS, but when I enter my address (e.g. to browser I am not able to access my NAS.
What/how I need to setup on Turris so I can use it from internet?

Why can’t you use the openvpn integrated into turris omnia?

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Hi, I had similar problem and I resolved it by port forwarding. Just select a port that will be forwarded to inner IP address he Synology has (i.e. from wan, port 5000 will be forwarded to lan - It is working fine. You just have to set the address to your Synology in apps which you want to use like this “yourPublicIPAddress:5000”.
Not sure if it is the best solution, but it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

I am able to connect to Synology via their service, but not with their ddns (even Synology control panel show status “normal” and it report my ip the same as opendns)
I am not sure if problem is in turris, Synology or me :wink: I am not very experience with networking.
In past I used asus and their offer me their ddns with simple setup of which port should be forwarded to local server and with worked.

I am not able to make the same turris. I would like to have simple step-by-step manual or king of wizard :wink: