How do I upgrade Turris Omnia's vim?

My Turris Omnia is running an ancient version of vim (7.4-3). Vim is currently at version 8.0.1666. I’d like to get a newer vim into the router.

Would I do that by going into LuCI -> System -> Software -> Configuration -> Custom feeds?

And adding a line like this, in the “Custom feeds” box? :

src/gz ubuntu_ppa_for_vim xenial main

Yes? no? maybe?

What does the “gz” mean in “src/gz”?

Thanks. (Doing “opkg update” does not change the router’s version of vim.)

Hm. I’m curious as to why you deleted the response you posted. I could still use an answer to this, thanks.

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The link you provided is for a ubuntu distribution. This isn’t compatible with TurrisOS which is based on OpenWRT.

You probably have to compile it yourself from the source

Might I humbly request that a newer version of vim be made available as part of the Turris Omnia’s software package?

If I do compile vim, I’m unclear as to whatever the (probably simple) mechanism is by which I get the compiled vim from my computer into the router.

Thank you for any responses.

You have to crosscompile a new package. This is happens from your own computer and then the package you have created you install using opkg package manager on your omnia. A bit like dpkg -i (name-of-the-package).deb in Ubuntu, but in this case i believe it will then be opkg install (name-of-the-package).ipkg

How this is done, i haven’t done myself yet (laziness to find out).


Thanks for that info. But I’m not sure what you mean by “crosscompile.”


Maybe you should try to install the current vim package from OpenWrt Master:

Manually download this package to your router and

opkg install <PKG_NAME>

Edit: This will probably not work, cause TO is still on OpenWrt 15.x Chaos Calmer release level with uclibc C standard library … current OpenWrt uses musl C standard library - sorry.

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Not sure if that will work, because it was created for a Cortex-a9 ARM CPU, while the OMnia has a different ARM-processor i believe.

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This is one of many huge downsides of being chained to “Turris OS,” obsolete software.

Thanks to a lot of hard work from people like Ryan Mounce, with no thanks at all to NIC.CZ… People can now easily switch to a good router OS… OpenWRT snapshots.


Now people stuck with this expensive hardware can use it without TO crap.

It all depends on from what perspective you look at all of this. Just take a good look at routers that can support openwrt. All nice, but when you realize that the openwrt version that is used for that specific type of router is being created by certain individuals(community), well it is not the matter of a outdated package, but rather outdated OS iself. I am not defending NIC.CZ whatsoever, but just stating the facts. One can’t have it all, but things can be put in perspective and certain things indeed have a much higher priority.

About vim, i think MANY of us(if not 99.9%), just use the BASIC editing possibility and if that does the job we have nothing to complain about. About all other types of packages being certain type of software, well there is always the possibility of using a LXC and run it in that LXC. You will get fairly updated packages and works all great. And if something really really REALLY bothers one, there is ALWAYS the crosscompiling it yourself. This is all given. So again, facts rather point at us users for being lazy (i can certainly relate to laziness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

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