How do I recover registration code?


Imagine if I have cloud backups set up. They are backed up and uploaded on regular basis till things go wrong. Then some disaster happens, I lost all my data and I actually need my backup back.
But to get my cloud backup I need my /usr/share/server-uplink/registration_code file, which is lost due to the disaster. I’ve searched, but couldn’t find anything related to cloud backups or registration code.
I have a non-cloud backup, which doesn’t have that file either.
So what is the suggested workflow for the registration code?


Are you using Turris OS 3.x or Turris OS 4.x?

4.0. Installed ssbackup from source.
But I believe the question is applicable to any OS. If you can tell how it is supposed to work in 3.x I will figure it out myself then.
But the main point of me asking it here is to help preventing issue for others.
Perhaps just displaying the code on would be enough.

I’m not sure whether it can help, but you can try some recovery tools. I have used the Bitwar Data Recovery to restore all my lost data, it’s free and safe. Really hope it can help you.

Hi Kassia,

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Well, in my case it was a hardware failure of the storage, no software tools are helpful. However the question is more theoretical.
The backups have one purpose: to be useful when data recovery is not possible.