How do I choose the color?

maybe I overlooked something, but I can’t find the color selection options anywhere. How can I select the color? Thanks!

On the orders page there is a details link beside the button to download the invoice.

OK, now I feel really dumb :smiley: - I have no idea what link you may have in mind.
Is this supposed to be on Indiegogo page? Because I was not able to find anything like it there…
I honestly don’t know where to look.

Btw - is this OK that I haven’t received any email except for Indiegogo contribution confirmation and perk update notifications? I’ve contributed on Apr 1st.


EDIT - I have found this site -
Is this what you thought? I have not been given any password to log in there…

indiegogo sends them the orders+money in monthly batches… after that, you’ll receive an email with a link to the website where you can finish your order and choose the color… i guess you just have to wait a few days/weeks

Aha, thanks for the explanation.
Seems like I need to wait a bit longer then.