How do I add a failover dns server to turris

How do i add a failover DNS server like so the DNS resolver will first try the I.S.P. provided DNS then the failover dns server(s)

If multiple forwarding servers are set up, the resolver is supposed to automatically choose on each request separately, based on their response time, failures, bogus answers, etc.

what i want, is to have the ISP server automatically entered and used first and then the other servers what setting do i need to set for that to happen

Yes, I believe I got what you meant, but I currently don’t know of any simple setup that always tries one server and falls back to another if the first one fails.

In any case, I’m interested in your motivation for precisely this setup – why it’s preferable to auto-balancing. Privacy? (Trusting ISP more than Google?)

My ISP has better ping rate and i think its not using the dns to track where im going but its slightly erratic and fails from time to time sometimes for hours at a time and google is pretty reliable but google is likely to be using dns for tracking where people are going so i just want it to be used as backup

the ordering of dns is a tomato firmware feature, you can use the dns provided by the isp and set additional dns servers to be quaried before or after the isp ones

Google’s privacy policy for this service feels not too bad to me, but it’s also about trust, I guess.

If you’re not too far from CZ, you may want to consider CZ.NIC’s public resolvers. On privacy side I consider them much better, strengthened by the not-for-profit nature of the organization; on performance side they’re likely worse. (Disclaimer: I’m employed by CZ.NIC.)

ok, as it seems its not an option at this moment, where can i set the dns servers manually both foris and luci dont have a clear location for it and im not sure where to set it in the console

ok i added /etc/resolve.additional.conf with the extra servers i wanted, went to DHCP and DNS - Advanced Settings - Additional servers file and inserted the file there, there is also an option for Strict order that might be what tomato uses for what i asked for

im not sure if its setup correctly but it seems to work

i hope foris can be expanded to replace luci as the options are confusing and hope the foris dns tab can be expanded to allow for manual setup of dns or even the mixed dhcp server plus failover server in the future