How about a meet 'n greet?

I thought it may be cool to have a thread where people can group up for meetings IRL (in real life)!

For instance, I’ll be visiting the Czech republic again this summer. Is there an option to visit CZ.nic and shake the hands of the development team (and/or any other Turris Omnia enthusiasts)? I’d love to discuss the Turris project and its Omnia face to face with my fellow enthusiasts IRL. I mean what better way to do this than while enjoying a cool Pilsner urquell under the protection of “the good” Wenceslas?

(I know there is a hackton being organized, but that one is only for Czechs).

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Here should be a note that cz.nic organizes OpenWRT Summit this October. (I personally don’t know anything about it.)

EDIT: There are also other Czech-only events that probably don’t belong here, e.g. conferences from cz.nic about misc. internet-related stuff, once or twice a year.

I cannot speak for cz.nic, but if you will be here in prague just write here and we can meet in some pub for few drinks )

btw here you can find nice prague guide from Janek

Good to know!

No plans to go abroad in October yet (I could consider revisiting though). Good to have it here, maybe it will trigger/inspire others.



T.b.f. my traveling-schedule is not yet more precise than “in the Summer”. But once more details will become clear I will contact you you. And I’ll check out the Youtube vids.!

If anyone else want’s to join us for a beer… :slight_smile: