Hostrecord for AWS Route 53 DNS

We’re happy to announce release of our new package. Hostrecord service keeps your domain DNS record in sync with the dynamic IP of your device.

The Hostrecord service installed by the package updates domain DNS records with IP addresses of select network interface on your device. Hostrecord uses kernel Netlink protocol to receive interface IP address change notifications and synchronizes A and AAAA DNS records in AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone associated with your domain.

The package is published in our feed available at: (available only via git clone)

After updating your feeds, you can find the package located in menuconfig group Network -> Hostrecord . We’re not providing a binary version of the package at the moment. The package also depends on our previously released package aws-sdk-cpp.

You can build the package by running:
make package/feeds/octagon/hostrecord/compile

Package source code, with detailed setup and configuration instructions (in README) is available in the package repository located at: (accessible only via git clone)


Hostrecord is for you if you’re looking to host DNS records for your device for VPN and other services in AWS Route 53.

Just released version has improved action caching. We learned the previous version sent excessive number of record updates to Route 53.

If you decide to give this package a try, feel free to share your feedback!