Host name not resolving - showing "?"

Looking for some input / discussion on hostname. I am attempting to have a good view of all devices attached to my turris. DHCP / DNS should show me all leases and at least the device name .

Multiple devices in the DHCP active lease section are showing “?” for hostname.

screenshot -

There are several ways depending how you have your resolving configured.
In my situation (not want to change those kresd/dnsmasq/dhcp services so much) i am using /etc/ethers (mac name / mac ip name) together with /etc/hosts (ip name) + /etc/config/dhcp … so now i have in overview,majordomo those hosts shown with whole name.localdomain.lan names.

I know it is not elegant, but i am now playing with other stuff and basically waiting for 3.5 update. Till then no messing with resolv.conf, unbound, dnsmasq, kresd …etc (as it is too confusing for me, what, why is used) i just want stable ip for each host (no matter which mac address it is — machines with wifi/lan interfaces) and have names for each.