Home assistant not installed

I’ve installed Home automation package in /config/updater/, but it seems like HASS was not installed even after an hours.

Service is not installed:

root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/home-assistant start
-ash: /etc/init.d/home-assistant: not found

Neither config files at /tmp/home-assistant are not there.

How to debug it?

Try to run updater.sh and post result please.

In what branch are you? What Turris do you have?

(you may send me pm so you wound’t have to post it here)

I’ve updated to 3.7.1 and run it:

root@turris:~# updater.sh
WARN:Script revision-specific not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
WARN:Script serial-specific not found, but ignoring its absence as requested

Interesting is that in Luci I see home-assistant-turris-gadgets as installed. Config files in /tmp was not created.

And is it running? /tmp is wiped on every reboot and home-assistant creates it’s directory every time. Is home-assistant service enabled?

I did not saw home-assistant or hass in Processes.

Can you please try to start and enable it?

/etc/init.d/home-assistant start
/etc/init.d/home-assistant enable

Now it is working. Thanks.

Why it happened?

Probably those packages were removed. When package is removed than services they contain are disabled. But when package is installed back those services are not automatically reactivated again. You have to do that by hand.

It can be related with failed installation on older version (where Segfault is in the log), couldn’t it?