Help installing the valgrind package

I am using the SDK from here to compile and run a few simple programs on a Turris Omnia.

I would like to use valgrind to analyse the memory usage of some programs for the project I am working on. However opkg on the Omnia itself cannot find the package and it’s not available with the pre-compiled packages that are contained in the repo.

I have tried compiling the firmware but I have had no luck with it, even when using Docker or Vagrant as described here, so I haven’t been able to build it at that point.

I can install the feed for valgrind when using the SDK but when attempting to compile it I get the following error:

feeds/base/package/utils/busybox/config/ glob failed: No files found “package/utils/busybox/config/libbb/”

So at this point I am looking for one of the following:
(a) a workaround for the error
(b) a pre-compiled valgrind package
(c) an alternative memory analysis tool which I can install on the Omnia