Hd-idle stopped working

Since arround version 3.10.6 the hd-idle spindown stopped working on my usb hdd. If I execute hd-idle -t sdb
I can hear the disk slowing down, but instantly accelerating again. Only if I execute hdparm -Y /dev/sdb the disk normally spindown normally.
Does anyone know how I could get hd-idle back to a working state?
Thanks in advance

Did you ever get this fixed? I’ve had the same and it killed a 3TB disk for me. I want to try and setup a nas again but if this hasn’t been fixed, I might not.

No, I nether got it to work. But I only had this issue with a WD Elements. With my Seagate hdd hd-idle worked.

Have you both tried hdparm instead hd-idle?


For me # hdparm -B 127 /dev/sda command works great, except that after router power loss, I have to set it up again…