Guest WIFI network: easy configuration in FORIS

Does FORIS make it easy to setup a guest WIFI network (which cannot access the LAN)? If not, would this make a good stretch goal?


I would expect this to be at least possible using the openWRT UI.

  • Does open WRT have a GUI or only CLI?

But if I am not mistaking FORIS is a UI layer to make things more intuitive / user-friendly.

  • So to second @async’s question: Will FORIS provide a way to configure a guest network?

OpenWRT has a web UI - LuCI, in my experience it might not be very use friendly the first time you encounter it but it has a lot of options and ultimately is relatively easy to configure.
There are also other distributions based on OpenWRT with a different UI like Gargoyle or Tomato (Advanced Tomato in particular).
As for Foris, i remember in one of the threads here or in indiegogo one of the devs from cz.nic posted a page with the Foris UI - might be worth looking around for it, though i’m not sure how many options are visible there as it’s only a basic demonstration.

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