Guest Wifi does not work. Iphone get wired IP adress

Hi All,

i am a bit confused and dont know, what the issue is. From one day to another my guest wifi is not working.

My turris has the IP
I have wired a FritzRepeater on LAN4 with static IP (no DHCP - workes as Lan Bridge)
On the FritzRep I have created a Guestwifi

When my Phone try to connect it takes a bit time and gets an IP (

I dont understand where this come frome.
I thought it could be the fritz. So activate the turris guest (Guest DHCP is
Same result, iPhone gets an 169.x.x.x. IP

can pleeeeease someone help… it makes me crazy.
txh looks like a self addressed IP address. Probably not even talking to the DHCP server.


yes, but the question is why not talking to DHCP.