Guest devices show up with strange adresses in arp


I’m running a setup where I need to monitor connected devices on my omni.

Many devices connect via my guest network, but they show up 10.a.b.c instead og 192.168.x.y that is the network assigned to my huest network.

Anybody know why that happends?


The reason is guest network should be isolated. You can choose your own ip range in Foris, but different from your lan, wan, vpn, like 192.168.y.z: http://192.168.x.y/foris/config/main/lan/ default is 10.a.b.c.

According to my devices the devices on guest get 192.168.x.y, på in arp on the router show the macs to belong to 10.a.b.c instead.

My lan is on 192.168.a.b, so guests are on different subnet as expected.

But it gives me a problem while tracking and identifying my guest-clients :wink:


Sorry I can’t help you. I cannot reproduce it so maybe you’ve made some fault in setup. My setup is made in Foris with something like 10.XXX.XXX.X IP address. And I can see guests with right IP under LuCI under Status > Overview in DHCP Leases. Also arp in ssh is right something like br-guest_xxxx. :upside_down_face: